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Now as everybody knows, Sun Living is an affordable range of motorhomes produced by Adria in Slovenia. It’s very eye-catching for a number of reasons because for 2018, out goes the old yellow and black branding in favor of blue and gray. All part of a reboot that the mother brand has probably decided it was ripe for.

So the offering is now split into three particular segments, we have ‘V’ for vans, ‘S’ for low-profile and ‘A’ for overcabs. So we’re going to take a look at one of the ‘S’ series vans in the shape of the S70SP, which has a transverse rear mounted bed and a drop-down bed above the lounge.

Now look at these brilliant white sidewalls, the new typography, the gray and the blue colorways, all of which will help the new Sun Living stand out in the marketplace. But there’s more. Open the habitation door to reveal this rather smart panel, with a couple of hooks and storage down there. Now, I’m starting to feel that this van isn’t built down to a price and that feeling certainly carries on inside.

Now, to my eyes this doesn’t look particularly budget or entry-level at all. Quite the opposite in fact. It could have come out of something far more expensive. Now another little prong to the attack for Sun Living in 2018 is appealing to the rental market and that is why they have chosen this kind of soft furnishings scheme inside. You see gray and turquoise match the colors on the side of the van and they also feel pleasingly durable too. So they’ll certainly stand up to a lot of wear and tear.

And just look at these overhead lockers. No more pesky positive catches. You just stick your hand in, up it goes. And to close it, straight back down with a bit of resistance. I can see that system taking years of punishment.

But it’s not just about durability. There’s plenty of finesse to go with it too. Check out this light, on it goes. It’s something out of Adria’s more expensive ranges and it’s very reassuring to see it in the new Sun Living. In fact, it’s a lot of fun too. You can do that for hours.

Plus, on the lounge table down here, you can extend it easily into the offside position for the people sitting in the sofas by means of a clever, articulated system. Just pull out and it snaps into position.

Now the fabric panel on the inside of the habitation door is referenced here in the overcab. It provides the lining for those overcab storage pockets and it’s also a handy backstop under the sunlight.

Now the S70SP’s near side kitchen is certainly on the compact side. It’s the kind of thing you could expect to find in a camper van. Having said that though, you still get three gas burners in a line, so two can go hiding behind the pair in front, and a square sink. Now, below the square sink is a very pleasing touch indeed, a main socket mounted 390 degrees so there won’t be any cable foul. And underneath that, two drawers using the same system that you stick your hand into. And also, amazing at this price point, they’re actually soft-closing.

Now underneath here, under the gas burners, you’ll find a combination oven and grill. All pretty good for versatile cooks on the move. There’s no obvious place to put a microwave oven though, so you may just have to get used to the relative charms of gas instead.

Now the final piece in the kitchen jigsaw is the de rigueur skinny fridge, here on the near side. And that’s opposite a rather large wardrobe space. Look at all that, plenty a place to stick all your finery. Now behind that, another great innovation in this van. What’s this void you’re thinking? Hang on, has this van actually got a washroom? Answer, yes it does. And it’s behind this sliding tambour door. Now the great advantage to this kind of execution is that when the washroom is not in use, you have a clear, unobstructed sight line to the rear of the motorhome, making it feel much bigger than it really is.

When you want to use the washroom, you just step inside and pull the door around and the space inside, although compact, still gives you a washbasin, a shower, and a loo. Plus, you get the benefit of the roofline flooding the area in natural light. Now, the S70SP has a rear fixed bed, and to save space on the body length which is just under 7 meters, it is of the transverse variety. It has a handy split lengthways too, so you can lift up this section and load items into the void underneath.

Now, talking about storage, there are three overhead lockers on the rear wall of the van. Another storage cupboard here, with a load of shelves in, and actually under this space a wardrobe with a hanging rail. Now the back of the wardrobe doesn’t in fact have a back, it has a curtain. And this allows you to load items into the spacious rear garage. Now selected models in the new Sun Living low-profile collection have dropdown double beds above the lounge. And that includes the S70SP. To deploy the bed, it’s quite simple. You just remove the headrests from the lounge seats, drop the cushions on the side sofa, and then engage in some fairly light lifting.

Access to the bed is by means of a ladder that stores in the rear garage. It really couldn’t be any easier. The Sun Living S70SP is based on the Fiat Ducato on a three and a half thousand-kilogram chassis, so anyone can drive it on a standard car license. The user payload is 577 kilograms, so there’s plenty of accommodation for all your touring essentials. Now, the on the road price is just under £50,000.

Some people would say that’s a lot of money for an entry-level van. I say, think about it this way. This is a fantastic entree to Adria’s legendary build quality at a lower price. And from what we’ve seen on this van, what’s on the inside and the outside, is certainly very impressive.

View more information about the S70SP here.

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