Roller Team T-Line

T-Line Range Overview

The new 2021 T-Line collection certainly has the wow factor.

The Italian design team have taken comfort and style to the next level. Guaranteed to exceed your expectations with its opulent fixtures and fittings coupled with the very latest on board technology.

With 3 low line styles to choose from including the compact but perfectly formed T Line 590 coming in at just under 6 metres long.

If you value privacy look no further than the T Line 740 with its private rear bedroom and sumptuous island bed. The T-Line 743 also benefits from a private bedroom with a rear island bed and an unusually large kitchen with chest freezer.

T-Line 590

From £57,595

Expert craftsmanship has delivered a multifunctional motorhome, with an exceptional drive quality and cutting-edge layout.

T-Line 700

From £??,???

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T-Line 740

From £62,250

Privacy was at the forefront of the designer’s mind when it comes down to the four berth T-Line 740. A rear island bed in its own secluded bedroom is accessible from both sides and features stylish his and hers wardrobes.

T-Line 743

From £57,100

Every inch of space in the T-Line 743 has been used practically, with storage spaces under beds, in the floor and through external access, to name just a few.