TMC Leisure part of Tottington Motor Company is delighted to announce we are now the UK & Ireland sole concessionaire for the Caretta teardrop range of products.

Caretta is a fantastic lightweight teardrop caravan manufacturer that is setting new standards in leisure products, micro-caravans, business and promotional trailers.

Already a Camping & Caravanning Club Preferred Dealer, TMC Leisure has recently been approved as Caretta’s first – and only – UK & Ireland dealership. You can now view the Caretta range exclusively at the TMC Leisure showrooms in Bury, North Manchester.


The Caretta teardrop range stretches from compact leisrue teardrop caravns to exciting new promotional and catering units.

One of the most compelling advantages of the Caretta range of teardrop products is the easy manoeuvrability thanks to its lightweight construction. It can be pulled by literally any vehicle – even a trike!

Once you area ready to pitch up, you simply move into position with no need for difficult reversing manoeuvres and minimal fuss. Simply unhitch and roll to the right spot.


Caretta offers two fantastic elisure specifications: a compact teardrop caravan and an Off Road version – both two-berth beauties that can be expanded to four-berth models with large optional awnings.

It is perfect for couples and families who like the idea of caravan camping but don’t watn to pull a large heavy caravan.

Inside, the Caretta 1500 and the Caretta Off Road features a cosy double bed of 1500mm by 2000mm long. This is surrounded with cleverly designed storage that makes the most of the compact space.

For essential power it comes with a leisure battery and battery charge system. This powers the interior lights and a firdge (12v & 220v), plus any optional extra devices you choose to add or pack. You can custom design your own Caretta with a variety of options, including: an LCD TV, a range of heating solutions among other customisations to suit your lifestyle.


Caretta offers two commerical customisations of its teardrop trailer as standard: the Caretta Shop and the Caretta Media.

The Caretta Media incorporates a 42″ LCD TV into the exterior wall, secured under a robust exterior casement in the same fiberglass construction as the trailer cabin. Perfect for shows, exhibitions, festivals and other business use, you can add additional media options, such as a sound system, satellite antenna and generator.

Meanwhile the Caretta shop is a perfect catering or ptional trailer. Easy to manoeuvre, it makes life easy when transporting as well as on site.

The roof unit extens on four poles to create ae sheltered full-height working space so you can stand or sit while mannning your trailer stand.

The flixble design is suitable for a myriad of uses – from festival catering to easy-to-unpack corporate stands at commercial exhibition spaces.


The Caretta range also includes a pared-back trailer model that is ideal for transporting large loads, such as your camping or outdoor psorts gear, including mountain bikes, surfing equipment, etc.

It’s also a versatile model for business use and offers the option of adding your own corporate livery or graphics to instantly create a rolling signboard, equipment trailer, events or delivery vehicle.

Want to know more about Caretta’s leisure or commercial teardrop trailers?

TMC Leisure is the sole Caretta concessionaire in the UK & Ireland, so contact TMC Leisure today or drop by our showrooms to see this fantastic range for yourself.