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MOTORHOME & Campervan mot

Just like every other vehicle your motorhome requires an MOT test every year if over 3 years old. Without an MOT your motorhome insurance and road tax become invalidated, and your motorhome may not be roadworthy. An MOT test has a strict criteria which is set by the DVSA, the person who is accredited within the service centre will conduct a comprehensive inspection to determine whether your motorhome is fit for purpose and is in roadworthy condition. A range of vehicle safety checks must be completed by the DVSA-approved examiner, some of these checks include lights, tyres, seatbelts, and emissions. If parts of the vehicle are not up to standard, they will be categorised into three different groups, advisories, minors, and majors. These will be displayed on your MOT document with a report of exactly what the examiner has seen.

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Class 4 and Class 7 MOTs

Motorhomes that weigh up to 3.5 tonnes fall into the Class 4 category for MOT, in some cases, motorhomes can come under the Class 7 category when the weight of the vehicle exceeds 3.5 tonnes. Class 7 MOTs are very similar to a Class 4 MOT. However, the tests are slightly more in-depth for a larger vehicle. Additional checks as part of a Class 7 MOT include further tests on whether the tyres are suitable to carry extra weight, and brake efficiency tests for additional safety.



Here at TMC we have full MOT testing facilities, which means we can fulfil both your motorhome servicing and mot testing requirements all in one place. It is rare you find a service centre that can accommodate all your needs but here at Tottington Motor Company we have that. We offer a full range of Motorhome Services from your essential Habitation Service, your routine engine service, MOTs, and repairs, all in our state-of-the-art workshop situated in bury. Our facilities include MOT certified four post ramps, floor mounted rolling road for brake efficiency checks and axle weighing.

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Here is some of the items that the mot tester will be checking on your vehicle.

  1. If your lights fail to work during the test your vehicle will fail, if the headlights are also misaligned this will result in failure.
  2. If your brake lights fail to illuminate when the brake pedal is pressed, your vehicle will fail. This includes the brake light strip too.
  3. Both front and rear number plates need to be clear and visible. Number plate lights must also be working and if you have a customised number plates they must meet font and spacing legal requirements.
  4. The minimum tyre tread depth is 1.6mm, anything less than this depth will fail MOT. Your wheels must also be undamaged.
  5. All seatbelts should be in good working order and the driver’s seat must be able to adjust forwards and backwards.
  6. Any damage on the windscreen that is larger than 40mm will result in a failure. Also, anything larger than 10mm in the driver’s view will result in a failure.
  7. Wipers must be clean so they are able to clean your screen as efficiently as possible, your wipers must be damage free. If your wipers have any tears or holes it will result in failure.
  8. Screen wash is required to be in the bottle if there is no screen wash in the bottle this will result in a failure.
  9. If your horn does not work this will result in failure.


Over the past 40 years we have built and rebuilt our workshop, our workshop is famed because of our great customer service and has earned us awards over the past several years. It is part of our key selling points and the envy of our competitors across the North! In 2018 we worked towards the coveted Approved Workshop accreditation, a joint enterprise between the National Caravan Council (NCC), The Caravan Club and the Camping & Caravanning Club for whom we are a preferred dealer. Here at TMC Leisure we pass regular assessments by a team of independent assessors, and we are pleased to pass our knowledge and skillset onto our customers.