How to maintain your motorhome

While brand-new motorhomes are sold in perfect condition, over time their age starts to show. While some owners won’t mind a little wear and tear if you want to preserve comfort levels on board and the vehicle’s value, regular maintenance is a smart move.

Read on as we explore some key care tips that can make sure a motorhome stays in great shape and enjoys a long and healthy service life.


Give your motorhome a thorough clean both inside and out. Clean interiors can improve the quality of your holidays while caring for exteriors can protect against deterioration, like rotting door seals and faulty mechanisms jammed by grime.

Leak checks

When seals weaken, door and window frames experience leaks. Slight damage can cause tiny gaps allowing water inside during rainfall. Many leaks go unnoticed over the summer months but checking for them regularly is the best way to identify and deal with them.

Damp checks

Water ingress and trapped moisture can make damp in motorhomes a problem. However, tackling it sooner rather later can stop it in its tracks. Run a monthly check on your motorhome, even when not in use.

Flush your water systems

When you haven’t driven your motorhome for months and are about to travel, always attend to your water tank. Give the tank a good flush sterilising it before replenishing your supply with clean refresh water so you safely drink and bathe on your trip.

Gas and electrical appliance checks

Safety is key. Ensure any onboard appliances using gas are in perfect working order. Check your appliances for insects and other pests that may have made a home in your vehicle. When motorhomes are left unused for a period of time, this can be an issue leading to damage and danger when an important part fails.

Makes sure electrical equipment is also in good condition. Many appliances can experience issues as mobile homes age, but these checks will ensure everything is operating properly and safely.

Battery check

If it hasn’t been used in a while a motorhome’s battery will need a charge to run properly. Charging is well recommended for every six weeks it’s out of service.

Tyre check

If you travel a lot, keep an eye on your tyres. Winter months can see tyre pressure decrease but keeping them properly maintained will help you sidestep a flat when you’re on the road.

Fluid check

Oil is the lifeblood of every mechanical system. It lubricates engine parts, reducing wear and tear and cleans contaminants out of key systems. Ensure it’s fresh and topped up, and make sure you have water for your windscreen wipers and anti-freeze on board in case you need it.

MOT, servicing, and insurance

Just like all other UK vehicles, motorhomes must take an MOT test each year if they’re 3 years of age or older.

Ensuring your motorhome is serviced by a qualified mechanic will make you aware of unseen issues that need fixing. An annual motorhome maintenance service is far less costly than the disruption and expense when a motorhome breaks down.

Finally, make certain your insurance is up to date before you take another trip.

Ready for the road

By following this useful list of checks and tests, you can be sure of a sound return on your investment in a motorhome. You’ll find that you’ll get the best performance levels and enjoy inhabiting it far more by taking time for proper maintenance.

If you have any questions about how or where to get professional care for your motorhome get in touch with TMC Leisure for expert guidance and support.