Autohaus Campervan MOT, Service & Repair

Autohaus campervans

If you own an Autohaus campervan, you will need to get an MOT carried out every year if it is over 3 years old, as is the case with other vehicles. If you do not arrange an MOT, you may find that your insurance and road tax become invalid, and your campervan may cease to be roadworthy.

The DVSA is responsible for setting the strict criteria for the campervan MOT test, which involves a detailed inspection to check whether your Autohaus campervan is in good condition and safe to go on the road, including checks on the seat belts, lights, tyres and more.

If these do not meet the required standard, they will receive one of three categorisations: minors, majors and advisories. Your MOT document will display this alongside the other findings of the test.

If your Autohaus campervan is under 3.5 tonnes, it will be classified as a Class 4 in terms of the MOT. If it is over 3.5 tonnes, it will be classified as a Class 7 and will require extra checks. For example, the tyres will be checked to see if they can carry extra weight.

Why Choose us?

At TMC, we are proud to have comprehensive MOT testing facilities for motorhomes and campervans. If you have an Autohaus campervan, we can carry out your MOT and servicing in the same place, which not many service centres can do.

We can provide you with a range of services from routine engine services to a full MOT for your Autohaus campervan. All the work takes place in our state-of-the-art workshop, and we have excellent facilities like a floor-mounted rolling road.


Approved Workshop

Here are some of the checks we will carry out when you bring your Autohaus campervan in for testing.

1. All the lights must be in good working condition.

2. The brake lights should work properly when the brake pedal is pressed.

3. The number plates need to be visible and the number plate lights should work.

4. The tyres should have a tread depth of 1.6mm or more.

5. All the seat belts need to be working properly.

6. If there is any windscreen damage, it should be less than 40mm. If in the driver’s view, it must be less than 10mm.

7. The wipers should work properly and be free of any damage.

8. Screen wash must be in the bottle.

9. The horn needs to be in good working condition.

Over the last 40 years, we have worked incredibly hard to build and rebuild our workshop, and we’re proud to say it has won awards and is the envy of our competitors in the North. We were even given the highly coveted Approved Workshop accreditation in 2018.

We are regularly assessed by independent assessors, and we always provide excellent customer service. We enjoy assisting our customers and passing on our knowledge of Autohaus campervans, and we would love to help you with your campervan MOT.